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The only resort hotel located in the heart of Biblical Israel

Very soon after opening its doors,Eshel Hashomron,the elegant holiday resort in the mountains of Samaria, was discovered by tourists who want a taste of that “other “ Holy Land.Some groups have even changed their plans in the middle of their holiday to come and stay with us.

What do our guest find so special about our hotel?

We are in the exact geographic heart of the Biblical Land of Israel. Because of its location,Eshel Hashomron,is comfortable travelling distance to almost every corner of the Holy Land: Tel Aviv and beaches (40 minutes), Jerusalem(50 minutes), Ben Gurion Airport(35 minutes)

Each room provides its own enchanting view of the Samarian countryside from our vantage point high on a ridge at the entrance to Ariel.

The Bible comes alive beneath your window-and beneath your feet-whether you are visiting the historical sites,or touring the modern miracle of new settlement that many see as fulfillment of the ancient prophecies.

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The hotel has two wings for accommodations, with 49 rooms in each wing. One wing faces the city of Ariel, and the other faces the hills of Samaria. Each wing has five entrances, with each etnrance leading to 10 rooms . Between the wings is the swimming pool and exotic waterfall .

The hotel rooms are larger and roomier than the accepted Israeli standard size. Each room can accommodate up to four people. In addition to the regular rooms, there are larger rooms that can accommodate up to five people.

The Hotel also includes four suites, comprised of a bedroom and sitting room. Each room has air conditioning, bathroom, TV and radio. The view accessible from the rooms is a view of the pool and waterfull, or the landscape of the hills of Ephraim and the settlements in the area .

Dining Rooms

The Eshel HaShomron has three dining rooms: a small room that seats up to 54 guests at once, a larger one that accommodates up to 130, and a hall that seats up to 500 people . There is also a cafeteria that overlooks the pool which can serve as a dining corner .

Cafeteria- up to 75 guests

Ariel Dining Room

Ariel Dining Room

Celebrations at Eshel HaShomron

Ariel Dining Room

Shiloh Dining Room

Meeting Rooms
The Hotel has three meeting rooms which can accommodate many kinds of audiences. One room can handle up to 70 people in a theater seating arrangement, the second room can do the same for 140, and the third is large enough for 150 in theater seating. The largest dining hall can also serve as a meeting room for 700 in theater seating. The Hotel is equipped with all lighting and sound systems necessary for presentations.

Bar & Lobby

The Hotel lobby is expansive in its style and furnishings. The owners have sought to build and decorate it with simple and natural materials, in order to evoke an atmosphere of Biblical times. The large, roomy lobby with its panoramic windows looking toward Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal, adds the outside view to the beauty of the room.

The lobby includes chairs and sofas where visitors can relax and enjoy the atmosphere, and also order drinks from the elegant bar. The piano in the Hotel lobby was donated by Christian lovers of Israel from Norway, and serves to entertain many guests.

The bar of the Hotel is tastefully designed, and guests can order hot or cold drinks as they desire from the bar menu.

Swimming Pool and Waterfall
The swimming pool, with the waterfall situated above it, is one of the most charming and beautiful corners in Israel. The exotic waterfall, with palm trees waving overhead and shading the large beautiful pool, draws hundreds of tourists during swimming season, as well as swimming enthusiasts who live in Israel. The setting is also popular as a background for weddings, where the huppah can be erected on the wide lawn next to the pool.

The pool complex includes a children's pool as well. The adult pool reaches a depth of 2.10 meters (nearly 7 feet).

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